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    Our AGM is coming up and we encourage you to come along and get involved.

    Our AGM is coming up on the 16th November and we've love for you to come along and get involved.

    An Annual General Meeting (AGM) is a formal meeting held once a year where the members or stakeholders of the club come together to discuss and make decisions on matters related to the operation and management of the club's activities.

    The AGM is an essential part of the governance and accountability of our club, ensuring that members have a voice in decision-making and are informed about the club's financial health and direction. It also serves as an opportunity to recognise the achievements and contributions of individuals and teams in our netball community.

    Our agenda generally includes:

    1. Financial Reports: The club's financial statements, including income and expenditure reports, balance sheets, and budgets, are presented and discussed.

    2. Elections: The AGM often includes the election of board members, committee members, or officers who will be responsible for managing the club in the coming year.

    3. Rule Changes: Proposed changes to the club's constitution, bylaws, or rules may be discussed and voted on during the meeting.

    4. Activity and Performance Reports: Various reports on the netball activities, competitions, and development programs may be presented to review the club's performance over the past year.

    5. Membership Matters: Matters related to membership fees, benefits, and registration may be addressed.

    6. Strategic Planning: Long-term goals, strategies, and plans for the netball organization may be discussed and adopted.

    7. General Discussions: Members have the opportunity to ask questions, provide feedback, and raise concerns related to netball activities and the club's management.

    All positions are now vacant and nominations are now open. Read more about the positions and what's involved.

    To nominate for a position/s please complete the registration form prior to midnight Thursday 9th November 2023.

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