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    Norths Performance Teams

    Updated: Feb 18

    Due to the growth in participation in certain age groups, this year Norths Netball Club will be introducing Performance Teams into the club. This is not only a natural progression in a growing club, but also a desire expressed from players to enhance their skill development, experience and provide pathways for them to thrive. The Norths Netball Club is committed to providing an inclusive netball experience whether you want to take your netball career to new heights in a performance team or play in a friendly yet competitive social team. This is optional for players in 2024 in the 10 & 11 years age group. 



    What is a performance team?


    A performance team will consist of selected individual players who want to take their netball to the next level. Players will trial for a performance team and will be selected based on age, ability and skill level. This is not a compulsory trial by any means, it is an option for players. Performance teams will train regularly and will be required to attend additional skills sessions and carnivals throughout the season. 


    What age groups will have performance teams?


    Due to the high volume of numbers and interest from players, performance teams will be offered in the 10 years and 11 years age groups.




    Who should trial for a performance team?


    Players who are dedicated to performing their best both on and off the court.  Players should have effective communication, good teamwork, and strategic understanding of the game. Players who can seamlessly integrate into the team, adapt to different playing styles, and foster a positive team spirit are highly valued.  Players must demonstrate consistency in attendance at training sessions, practice matches, and competition games.




    How do I nominate for a Performance Team?


    Nominations are done via our online form. Players can nominate for up to 2 positions.




    When & How will the Trials Take Place?


    The trials will be held at Bulli High School on the 27th February 2024 at 4pm.  Parents are welcome to spectate. Selectors will evaluate various aspects, including shooting accuracy, defensive prowess, passing skills, agility, and overall game understanding.  Selectors will aim to have a balanced mix of players in each position. From goal shooters to wing defenders, each player's proficiency in their designated role is crucial. The goal is to create a team that complements each other's strengths. Selectors assess how players interact both on and off the court to ensure a cohesive and supportive atmosphere.




    What if I don't want to trial for a performance team?


    Players are not required to trial for a performance team, this is totally optional. Players who do not wish to trial will be placed in an age appropriate team and can nominate to be placed with friends or a certain grade based on ability. 

    Please use this form to nominate to play in a social team with friends.



    What if I'm not selected in the Performance Team?

    Players who trial and are not selected will be placed in an age and skill appropriate team and can still nominate to play with friends.

    What are my responsibilities if I am selected for a performance team?

    Players who are selected for a performance team will :


    • Be dedicated to attending training & skills development sessions, carnivals and competition games.

    • Commit to developing their skills, encourage team work and demonstrate great sportsmanship.

    • Foster a cohesive and supportive atmosphere both on and off the court.




    We are excited to offer this new opportunity to our members at the club and ask for a little patience as we embark on this new journey together.




    Got more questions or feedback?

    Send any questions or feedback to

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