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    Get moving in the right direction with Wollongong Podiatry.

    Ankle (and Knee) injuries are way too common for netball players. BUT.. many of these injuries are preventable. Training the 33 joints of each Foot to work with Ankles and Knees.. along with knowing what to look for (and avoid) in Netball Shoes (and Ankle Supports and Orthotics).. is a great way to not only reduce the risk of Injury.. but also to improve PERFORMANCE!!


    Below are links to three short videos made by Tim Bransdon at Wollongong Podiatry that will help get you moving in the right direction.


    Tim is also offering his "ESSENTIAL Ankles" training program, set to launch next week, to any registered Norths player for FREE for the month of April. To get on board with this, email and include the name and team of your registered Norths player.


    There will also be an opportunity to purchase "PRO Ankles" at a discounted rate when it launches later this month. PRO Ankles will feature more detailed videos on other factors that can contribute to ankle injury, such as foot structure, genetic mobility of joints, and more.

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